About Sygenflo Laboratories

Sygenflo Laboratories LLP established in the year 2017 at PUNE (Maharashtra, India), it is a research and culture driven company, which specializes in manufacture, distribution and consultation of API’s pharmacopeial & non-pharmacopeial impurities, drug metabolites, process R & D and custom synthesis. We help various pharmaceutical industries, research institutes, Universities in their research and manufacturing needs.


Sygenflo Laboratory also offers contract research and development (CRO) services from small to large scale (mg to kg scale) in the area of Organic, Pharmaceutical, and Medicinal Chemistry. We provide a flexible, efficient and cost effective means of carrying out short and/or long term projects. Along with excellent service, we are interested to work closely and collaborate with you so that we understand your requirements to provide a clear timeline and direction for your project.


We have experienced, dedicated technical and administrative staff (scientists and Managers), who are highly passionate and expert in the area (synthetic organic, process and medicinal chemistry and administration).

Our Products

Special Features

  • We respond to our customers/clients’ enquiries promptly.
  • We provide CoA and 1H NMR, Mass, HPLC purity. On request, we also provide RT and RRT.
  • Work closely with client’s technical/scientific team to understand their requirements and concerns. It helps us to address client’s problems promptly.
  • Comprehensive internal scientific and management controls of all projects
  • Management and Project Leaders at SYGENFLO are well experienced
  • Our chemists are well experienced with Ph.D. / M.Sc. degree
  • Easy accessibility to all our client based worldwide, including One-on-One meetings

Our Services

We provide an efficient and cost effective routes to carry out short and long term projects. Along with excellent services, our aim is to work closely and collaborate with our clients so that we understand their requirements to provide a clear timeline and direction to their projects.

Synthesis of impurities, metabolites and reference standards

Synthesis of intermediates, building blocks and chiral compounds

Process development and technology transfer

Medchem compounds (NCEs, Scaffolds and scale up of lead/preclinical drug candidate)

Purification and structure elucidation of unknown compounds.

Beyond the Ordinary


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